Benefits of Thermal Spa Days

It is no more a far-fetched luxury to soak oneself in the bubbling warmth of a hot spring. Spa days offer you just that. A perfect indulgence on a getaway, thermal spa days offer fresh untouched water rich in minerals that is highly beneficial for your body and soul. Countries like Japan and Europe have openly acknowledged the medicinal value of hot water springs in curing common ailments like cold and body pains. Water therapy or balneotherapy is sometimes prescribed by medical practitioners too as a reliever of stress, pain and skin problems.

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Thermal spa: How it works?

A hot water spring is nothing but ground water that makes its way up to the surface and carries with it minerals and latent heat. The minerals carried in the water include fluoride, iron, zinc, copper, chloride salts, sodium, calcium, sulphates and magnesium. In countries such as Hungary, thermal baths are a common health care practice.

Benefits of thermal spa

The benefits of a thermal bath at day spas are improved blood circulation, curing skin problems, relieving stress, warding off insomnia, boosting immunity, and dissipation of stress.

• Improved blood circulation: The mineral rich ground water has a high content of sodium bicarbonate and calcium (over 250ppm). Soaking in a bath containing these minerals enables percolation of the these minerals into the skin, elevating the hydrostatic pressure in your body. The effect thus is similar to exercising: oxygen flow is increased. Oxygen is the elixir that maintains healthy organs to keep your body strong.

• Relief from stress and insomnia: You cannot put an end to stress by taking a few prescription pills. When you get off, stress hits you like a truck out of control. Once you get hooked onto medications, you become its slave. The severity only increases while it leaves you with an illusion of temporary relief. Healing properties of spring water is psychological. The minerals in the water release endorphins while the warmth raises your body temperature. As you step out of the bath, the cooling effect relieves muscle tension, washing you over with calm and serenity and guiding you into a deep slumber.

• Natural pain reliever: Pain killers are addictive medications. You need intervention of other chemicals to get off the dependency you develop on pain killers. Certain medical conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis makes pain an unwanted companion. Soaking in a hot spring relieves the body of fatigue and alleviates pain. A scientific study from an Israeli group of scientists validates the same. Body movement is also encouraged by the buoyant forces when you are submerged in hot water springs.

• Curing skin problems: The minerals that are naturally present in hot water springs relieve few skin problems. Hot water springs contain high quantities of silica, a compound well studied for its beneficial effect in smoothening and softening rough and dry skin. Additionally, discomfort of psoriasis symptoms and eczema are also addressed by high sulphur content of the spring water.

If you have cardiovascular problems, or are pregnant or experience other serious medical illnesses, consult with your doctor before you book an appointment for your thermal dip.