Hair Salon Anti Hair Loss Treatments

Your hair is your beauty statement. Be it shining, glossy, cascading straight hair or the spiralling, enthralling curls, hair adds a lot to your beauty. But keeping your hair healthy and beautiful has become very difficult in today’s times. Today’s lifestyle is partly responsible for that. Additionally, pollution damages your hair a lot. One of the most common and widespread problems faced today is hair loss. There are many factors that can lead to hair loss.

hair loss

Major factors leading to hair loss
If your grandma and your mother lost their hair, chances are you too will lose yours. Genetics plays a major role in your hair’s growth or lack of it. One of the other major reasons of hair fall is disease or surgery. Your body gets weak during illness or surgery and this has a direct effect on your hair. But your hair should recover along with your body from any weakness or illness.

Stress and tension in your life could also lead to hair problems. Your doctors will tell you to relax if you want to get better from any health issues. The same applies to your hair as well. Stress, tension and pollution are all major causes of dandruff which is at the root of many hair issues. Controlling dandruff can help in solving many hair problems. Dryness and frizz make the hair brittle which can cause hair fall. Using excessive hair products can lead to lasting damage and consequently hair loss. It is always advised not to go overboard with hair styling and if you have to, don’t make it too frequent.

Solutions and treatments at a hair salon
Apart from medications there are various other treatments that could be undertaken at a salon to combat hair loss. Any loss of hair that is caused by chemicals, frizz, and dandruff could be treated successfully at salons by undergoing hair spas.

• Protein hair spa: Your hair is made up of protein, so this kind of treatment and hair spa will help your dry and frizzy hair to become silky and healthy. So any hair fall due to dryness could be controlled with this hair treatment.

• Keratin treatment: If you are facing breakage and fall of hair due to tangling and frizz, this treatment can help you by making your hair smooth and silky.

• Argan oil treatment: Very useful for damaged hair, Argan oil helps the hair in becoming healthy as it has high level of vitamin E and antioxidants. It works as a moisturiser and fights dandruff too.

• Ozone hair spa: This spa treatment increases blood circulation by removing dead cells. It also acts as deterrent to dandruff.

• Refining hair spa: This treatment helps in keeping the scalp moist which helps in keeping the hair healthy by making it dandruff free.

• Advanced treatments: There are some advanced treatments like Nanomax. A technician will use a unique hair brush that will release protein in your hair through mist. This conditioning treatment lasts till 3-4 washes and the effect of protein infusion can last for one and a half month. This treatment will make your hair stronger and healthier.

In order to maintain healthy and shiny hair, regular upkeep is a must. In addition to that, occasional but timely hair treatments will go a long way in making and keeping your hair gorgeous.