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There aren’t many people that can hear the word Battersea and not think about the iconic dog shelter that’s been responsible for rehousing thousands of pooches over the years, but did you know that this region is a lot more than fur and dog biscuits? It’s actually home to some of the most authentic architecture and history throughout the entirety of London.

What will you find in this area?

The first thing that we have to say will appeal to the history buffs out there; this now bustling community is actually mentioned as far back as Anglo-Saxon times, where the village started its life as a small island that was built around the well-known St. Mary’s Church. Back then it was known as Badrices īeg, or Badric’s Island.

These days, the island is all but invisible and the entire region has been renovated to such an extent that the ancient Anglo-Saxon kings wouldn’t be able to tell their head from their… elbow. Nowadays, you’ll find a busy train line that connects to Victoria, Clapham Junction and other world-famous stations, as well as a host of shops, restaurants, hobby centers and more. And who could forget the iconic Battersea Power Station – a now unused building that back in its day was responsible for supplying power to 2/3rd of London!

Now onto the good stuff

By good stuff, we mean the goodies that you are on our website for – beauty salons and hair care clinics! If we had to say one thing about these facilities it’s that they are possibly some of the most appealing that we have ever come across. And we’re not exaggerating here either. You’ll find large chains, private brands and even solo therapists on almost every street corner.

If you’re looking for affordability, then we’re happy to say that at least a handful of the salons that we’ve featured have made a point of prioritising cost and quality, so why not take a look at our listings to see if you can find one that will suit your budget and preferences?

Rococo Salon Organic Hair Salon – Battersea
16 Webb’s Road, Battersea, London, SW11 1XJ

Rococo Organic Hair Salon opened in September 2011 and is located within a peaceful area in Battersea. The team at Rococo offer a friendly reception and excellent customer service, ensuring customers receive

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Rococo Salon Organic Hair Salon - Battersea
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