With the iconic Charlotte Place acting as the border between Fitzrovia and Camden, the entire region is by far one of the most affluent in London, with most inhabitants being able to boast some of the highest wages in the region. Fitzrovia wasn’t always known by the name that is possesses today however, and many believe that when the districts were divided this one was named after the famous Fitzroy Tavern – a premises believed to be haunted by the ghosts of its past visitors.

Is there much to do here?
West London is easily one of the most active parts of the city and this district just so happens to be smack-bang in the middle of it. In the past the area was called home by a large community of Bohemian inhabitants, but over the course of the past two decades it now acts as residence to people from all walks of life.

Just one apartment can cost almost 7 figures, so if you’re planning on relocating here you might want to have the financial stability to do so. But with that in mind most of the services, commodities and sources of entertainment are actually very affordable. The cab services are readily available and the buses run until the early hours of the morning. But what really makes this region as iconic as it is (in our opinion) has to be the beauty salons!

Tell us a little more about the hair clinics and cosmetic salons please, UK 10 best

Okay, we’ll do so with pleasure. There are over two dozen individual salons in the region, with some of them claiming to be built using the exact stones that were present over a century ago. There are modern alternatives however – and as with any region, some are more effective at their services than others.

Rather than expecting you to recognise the difference between a good beauty salon and a great one, we’ve taken care of the hard work; you’ll find some of the most affordable, reputable and proficient right here within our listings.

Agua Spa Sanderson Hotel – Fitzrovia
50 Berners Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 3NG

Agua Spa is an ‘Urban Retreat‘ located within the luxurious Sanderson Hotel in Fitzrovia in the heart of the West End. This urban oasis combines the best of ancient and modern techniques offering spiritual relief

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Agua Spa Sanderson Hotel - Fitzrovia
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