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Kentish Town
By Jim Linwood [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

If you’ve heard of the world-famous Camden Market, the chances are that you’ll have heard about the equally notorious Kentish Town. From the infamous Assembly House Pub to the local railway station that connects to the majority of regions in and around London; anyone passing through will be spoilt for activities to see and do – and if you live here, then you’ll undoubtedly be enjoying all of the culture and diversity as we speak!

Is there much to do here?

What did we just say? Of course there is – it’s Kentish Town! The region takes its name from Ye Olde English way of saying ‘bed of the waterway’ and if you’re into history then why not take a trip down to the local canal to see first-hand where the name derived from? One of the great things about this area is that it has managed to retain much of its architectural heritage.

Even the homes are very gothic looking and the closer that you get to Camden, the more modern these buildings will start to look. There’s a very effective transportation services and a huge scene for alternative clothing, styles and accessories along the high street. There are also several fast food chains, eateries, clothing outlets and more within walking distance of the train station.

Are there any salons?
We can safely say yes, there are easily almost a dozen that we’ve come across. And the greatest thing about them is that they vary in style and price, as well. If you don’t mind spending a little extra then you’ll find several options available. If you’re keen to save yourself some cash we have no doubt that you will be able to do that, too.

The best place to start your search is right here on our website. If there’s a good salon in Kentish Town to know about we’ll try our best to let you know, so why not start with our listings and see what you can find for yourself?

Oskar Pink – Kentish Town
162 Kentish Town Road, Kentish Town, London, NW5 2AG

Oskar Pink boutique salons are the perfect alternative to the corporate chain salons, with the name deriving from an ironic poke at celebrity hairdressers who brand salons using there own name. ‘Oskar Pink’ is a…

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Oskar Pink - Kentish Town
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