Mornington Crescent

Mornington Crescent
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At UK 10 best, we try our best to tell you all about the stunning variety of beauty salons and hair clinics within particular parts of the United Kingdom. But this time, we felt like doing something a little bit different. As a result, we are planning on featuring the world-famous Mornington Crescent. This region might sound like something from a fantasy film, but the truth is actually a little more impressive.

And what is that truth?

Well, Mornington Crescent isn’t a region at all – it’s actually a street in Camden Town! It’s so famous that we couldn’t help but feature it on its very own page. It was named after the Earl of Mornington – who just so happened to be a brother of the Duke of Wellington. The properties on the street are shockingly expensive and with prices going up every year, they are well-set to become some of the most expensive in London.

There’s a communal garden on the North side of the street, with road-side parking for residents. The houses have been standing since the 1820s and there are currently 36 located on the road itself. If you really don’t fancy walking 300 yards from one side to the other, then you could always board the local bus service, take a bike, or jump in a cab for a quick journey.

Don’t tell us that there are salons on this road!

Okay, we won’t. But only because there aren’t. The thing about the Crescent is that it’s actually situated neatly right within Camden, making getting to sources of entertainment, retail outlets and eateries very simple. And what will you find in Camden? A shocking number of salons that even we struggle to keep on top of at times!

We’re not joking either, in fact there are so many that we’d strongly encourage you to take a look at our listings to try and narrow down your options. We feature some of the most prominent in the area and whether you’re just passing through Mornington Crescent or want to know what’s available on the surrounding roads, please dive into our listings and take a look for yourself.

Oskar Pink – Mornington Crescent
5 Camden High Street, Mornington Crescent, London, NW1 7JE

Oskar Pink boutique salons are the perfect alternative to the corporate chain salons, with the name deriving from an ironic poke at celebrity hairdressers who brand salons using there own name. ‘Oskar Pink’ is a…

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Oskar Pink - Mornington Crescent
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