Wedding – Tips On Getting Ready

The wedding season is here again and you would be required to attend many functions. It is imperative to look your best during this season. A wedding is a time of festivities and fun but at the same time it is quite tiring attending a wedding. Make sure you are keeping yourself healthy and not giving your body undue stress.

wedding makeup

Tips on getting ready
Being prepared in advance saves us from a lot of unnecessary stress and saves us a lot of time. So below are some points that will help you prepare for a wedding in a more efficient manner.

• Get your clothes ready in advance You know the date of the wedding. You know the time well in advance. So make sure that your dress is ready at least a week in advance so that you don’t have to rush on last day.

• Get your appointments sorted If you are planning to go to a salon for waxing and polishing, get the appointments in advance and get it for around 2 days before the function. Your skin will settle down in couple of days.

• Get the accessories right For this to happen, you first need to achieve point one. Select your clothes so that your jewellery, shoes and bags could follow suit.

Wedding Makeup
Makeup is the most important part of getting ready for a wedding. Start with moisturising your skin and then applying foundation. Now come to the eye makeup. Apply the eye shadow, which should compliment your dress, followed by eyeliner. Lastly apply mascara to your eyes. Now put on some blush to give that tint to the skin. Once this is done, apply contouring powder and highlighter. And lastly, apply lip liner and lip colour. Once you are through with this ritual, you are ready to dazzle the party.

Guidelines to follow
Though there are no hard and fast rules to be followed, as a third party attending the wedding, it is always good to keep certain things in mind. As a guest you have some responsibilities, which, when fulfilled, could be the difference between good and great wedding.

Dressing appropriately: If a certain dress code is mentioned, the guest has to adhere to it. But if no formal instructions are given then it becomes the guests responsibility to dress properly. Very important is not to take anything away from the bride. It is her day. She has the right to have the lime light. So make sure that your dress is nothing like the bride’s dress.

Being on time: It is not cool to be fashionably late. In fact guests should make it a point to be at the venue on or little before time.

Don’t complain: Things might not be what you like or expected, but that doesn’t mean you should start complaining. Keep your calm. It is someone’s most special day. Please understand that and enjoy it as such.

Gift It’s just not done to go to the party and not give a present to the couple. Please don’t do this blunder.
So now you are truly ready in body and mind to be the perfect guest.